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Background & Motivation

Gavriel Tornek is an American expat living with his wife and children in Israel. He has an extensive background in Jewish meditation. He is an ordained rabbi and trained therapist who works with couple’s relationship difficulties and anxiety issues. During Gavriel’s rabbinical career he was faced with many individual and family problems that were brought to him by people in the community. Because of Gavriel’s belief that a person’s inner peace and relationships are the gateways to a happy and satisfying life, he was drawn to help these people. This passion led him to study NLP, Life Coaching, and Strategic Intervention. When Gavriel realized that there was a greater need for more intensive type of therapy, he went back to school a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy clinical track and specialized in Couples' Therapy and Complex Trauma.

Common Needs

Gavriel believes that individuals in relationships want to feel more connected with each other and when there are prior wounds, triggers, and habits that undermine that connection it feels like each of the spouses world is being pulled apart. The need for positive and healthy communication is important but mainly the specific type of communication that creates connection between the individuals in the relationship. Couples will feel closer with each other when they learn to use uniting communication and rebuild trust in each other. Even if one of you is willing to come to therapy, it can still have a profound effect on the relationship dynamic. 

Individuals will benefit from learning proactive non-judgmental self-talk. Gavriel brings this message to his clients in a clear and implemental manner as it relates to each person and relationship.

The Key to Success

Gavriel has helped singles to prepare themselves mentally, and emotionally for marriage. He has also helped numerous couples find peace and fulfillment in their relationships that they were looking for or were afraid that they would never find. This success came about because of Gavriel’s personable and easy-going nature making it easy for people to connect with him in a deep, meaningful, and safe place. This therapeutic connection allows for each personal or relational situation to be seen and heard and for the necessary work to ensue with successful results.

For Whom

Gavriel is looking forward to meeting and working with people who experience stress and anxiety in their personal lives and difficulties in their relationships, or lack thereof, and help them to realize and achieve what they really want as dictated by the client.

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